We be cools!
Hey. That's us!

We are super stoked you want know who we are, how we roll & connect more on a personal level.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and love to bring our fun-loving and laid back personalities into our work. We are relaxed, down to earth and love having a good laugh. If you lived next door to us you could definitely hear us cracking up late at night. Chances are its mostly Casey pissing herself in laughter over my rad dance moves or classic impersonations.

You can usually find us heading out on road trips, searching for the best coffee or depending on time of the day pizza. Pizza is life! Pepperoni is where it’s at people. If you need our recommendations we are more than happy to share our research of the best places we have been too. Besides pizza, we also love to kick our feet up when not in work mode and chill in our super comfy bed or down by the ocean.

We also share our house with two crazy yet beautiful kids. They bounce between our house and their mums. They are our world and we love when they are home. Talon is our little guy. He is 7 but looks like a 12 year old. He is a massive footy head. Ask him about any NRL team and he will probably tell you the stats on any of the players. Violet is the our pretty princess. She is definitely miss independent and loves her own space. You will probably see the little cuties around the place on our website / Facebook and blog.

Our roles.

Casey is the gorgeous marketing and client manager. She handles everything from emails, albums, accounts and runs the show here at Evoke. She will be the one responding to you and dealing with you on a daily basis.

Matt is the photographer at The Evoke Company. I’m the guy out and about talking photos of all these amazing weddings, parties and capturing your family portraits.

Our approach.

We are laid back and relaxed and like to be more like a friend than a service. We will be there to help plan your wedding day. Give you advice when needed. And educate you to make sure you have the most amazing experience and capture memories to last a lifetime. We want you to look back and remember all the amazing times. The day you got to marry your best friend. The day you became parents and your world was turned upside down. The family portraits years after of the kids and how fast they grow up. Nothing tells the story of love and family more than photographs. If you feel like our vibe is definitely something your digging than get in touch with us. We would love to capture something special for you.

Check out our awesome adventures below.